What Happened to Budda Box and What's Up With This Site:

The old (OG?) Budda Box didn’t rock and ended up bombing out. So they let the domain drop, and now it has new owners.

Hi, we love cannabis subscription boxes, and this site will be focused on keeping you informed all about them. There are several choices out there today and it seems new ones are popping up every month. A monthly subscription box full of cannabis schwag may be just what you need--it's what WE need--but with so many to choose from, how do you know which one to spend your cashmoney on?

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Should You Buy A Canna'scription?

Are you tired of running out of rolling papers, filter tips, blunt wraps, screens for your bowl, and other essentials for the perfect 420 or 710 sesh? Do you love cannabis gifts and unique stoner accessories? If so you're in the right spot for what's hot, and what's hot is cannabis subscription boxes!

Here at Budda Box, you can find information on these incredible items including blazing and amazing reviews and ratings of cannabis gift boxes.

Cannabis subscription boxes are not only hempsational to purchase for yourself, but they also make blazin gifts for the likeminded consumers in your circle. Many of the subscription boxes that you’ll find information on here at Budda Box are available in monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly subscriptions. As you’ll see in our reviews of cannabis gift boxes, the majority of them are available in specific varieties tailored to your smoking, toking, and dabbing preferences.

Some of the items you can expect to find in cannabis gift boxes include smoking and toking accessories such as rolling papers, blunt wraps, bowl screens, new bowls, toker tools, and stash boxes. Some of the boxes also offer accessories such as t-shirts, stickers, dab tools, dab mats, silicone containers, jewelry, and other fun stuff. 

What nobody wants to get is an overpriced box of stickers, incense, or cheap useless crap from Ali Express. If only someone could help take the guess work out of all of the choices. How are you supposed to know where to go to find real reviews? This is the problem many consumers used to face until we started doing all the leg work for you.

We reach out to the community for honest reviews. We review the products that are hot and let you know what ones are not. Next, we make finding the information about cannabis subscription boxes easy. Find the monthly subscription box that’s right for you without taking hours or days to do it.

Within no time at all on Budda Box you can find the site that’s right for you thanks to our honest reviews. No matter what your budget is, there is a cannabis gift box for you. There are even cannabis boxes that start at less than $10 a month!

If you have a some real money to throw at it, there are boxes in California that run $100 a month and up The next time you or a bud are thinking about getting a box of cannagifts to built up your collection, check out Budda Box reviews to see what’s what.

Featured Reviews

“Dollar High Club has improved since my first box. The first time I ordered from them I received a box of schwag with incense in them. The incense was great, but they ruined all my papers and the pipe that was included. That was when they first started. Since then they got it together, and now I get a box full of great gear every month minus the incense. It’s okay to make a mistake how you deal with it really shows. Dollar high club has been on point since this was brought to their attention. Definitely worth the money! Each month with The Dollar High Club cannabis subscription box, I get some banging and amazing products delivered directly to my door for only $30 including a new glass piece in each box! They also offer a cheaper option that brings you some cool swag and products each month, just without the cool premium glass piece which happens to be one of my favorite pieces in each box. Are you ready to get one for yourself now? Then head over to dailyhighclub.com like I did.”
-Ashley James Ordway Colorado

The Dollar High Club

“I have tried other cannabis subscription boxes in the past and was a bit hesitant about ordering the Hemper box but after hearing from several of my friends that it was totally worth it, I decided to give it a try. Since receiving my first box, I have to say that I am quite impressed and glad that I did. I am in love with the Hemper Box and I know you will be too. My first Hemper Box included rolling papers, screens, a blazing lighter, an airtight herb container, a grinder, a fire new glass bowl made with premium glass and much more. I went with the $29.99 Glassentials Box but they also offer other options starting at just .99 cents per month for the bare necessities such as rolling papers, tips, and screens. That box is a great option for anyone who is constantly running to the store to grab the basics and would rather have them sent directly to their door each month. Check out their selection at hemper.co.”
-Misty Bradley Knoxville TN

Hemper is a Hempsational Cannabis Subscription Box

“Cannabake Box was a pretty cool deal. It was delivered discreetly to my mailbox. My neighbors were clueless. I loved the glass piece and Pot Pocket that I got! The only downside was of the items it included, many of them were stickers. I was hoping for something else cool, but for the price, I can’t really complain. Not to mention I got some extra smoking accessories that I always end up looking for at the last minute and a little something to snack on too! I’d say CBB’s got the Motts! My CBB came with rolling papers, screens for my metal bowl, two blunt wraps and the items mentioned above. Each month they offer a different glass piece which I think is pretty cool and worth the low price of just $29.99 a month. Cannabake Box comes in multiple varieties for a range of prices. You can learn more on their website at cannabakebox.com.”
-Robert DeMarco Port Richey Florida

Cannabake Box