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CBD Subscription Boxes

The next big thing? The topic of discussion around the smoking barrel lately has without question been CBD Subscription Boxes. Is CBD the new wave in pain relief? Instead of taking some random pill from a doctor to calm anxiety, are Americans now reaching for the CBD oil? The answer is YES. CBD has shown […]

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The Dollar High Club

“Dollar High Club has improved since my first box. The first time I ordered from them I received a box of schwag with incense in them. The incense was great, but they ruined all my papers and the pipe that was included. That was when they first started. Since then they got it together, and […]

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Hemper is a Hempsational Cannabis Subscription Box

“I have tried other cannabis subscription boxes in the past and was a bit hesitant about ordering the Hemper box but after hearing from several of my friends that it was totally worth it, I decided to give it a try. Since receiving my first box, I have to say that I am quite impressed […]

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Cannabake Box

“Cannabake Box was a pretty cool deal. It was delivered discreetly to my mailbox. My neighbors were clueless. I loved the glass piece and Pot Pocket that I got! The only downside was of the items it included, many of them were stickers. I was hoping for something else cool, but for the price, I […]

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