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Are you’re looking to learn more about the options on the market today for cannabis gift boxes? Perhaps you’re curious what other consumers have thought about the boxes they’ve bought. If this is you then you have come to the right place. We offer information on a plethora of different cannabis subscription boxes here at Buddha Box.

You may be thinking that Budda Box is a subscription box all in itself and it used to be. That didn’t work so well so the site owners had to sell. Now a new tribe with a new vibe has taken over. But, not for a new box service, there’s enough of those. We’re here to help our buds out there. Our buds looking for a monthly subscription box that rocks!

Budda Box is longer in the biz of selling boxes, it’s a knowledge platform for information surrounding cannabis subscription boxes. Here at Budda Box, we strive to be a leading resource for everything pertaining to these elevated consumer options. We hope you join our community and help others know what we’re about these days. Finding the right cannabis subscription box can be a challenge.

Do you own a cannabis gift box company? Would you like to see your product on Budda Box? If so, contact us today to discuss the opportunity for us to review your cannabis subscription box! We will rate you among your competitors providing honest reviews for our readers! Our passion is sharing information surrounding these blazing and amazing products with your potential customers!

If your box sucks, then please don’t bother reaching out to us because we will let the world know. If you hear about a new subscription box service that we haven’t reviewed, let us know. We like to buy the box unannounced. All to often companies fluff their boxes up for social media influencers. The when you get one it looks nothing like what you saw on the website or on an unboxing video on YouTube.

Avoid being annoyed by looking at honest reviews. You wont just find the ones that are great we will let you know what we don’t like too. Hey, don’t hate on us if you get a bad review. If we find issues with a subscription box we reach out to the company to let them know. Then we try them aging a few months later. 

We look forward to sharing reviews and point of views with the community. Check out our blog, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Send us your reviews to post, share photos, let the world know! Together we can help cultivate a platform where we can weed out bad monthly cannabis subscription boxes.