Ways to Use Cannabis Without Smoking

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Ways to Use Cannabis Without Smoking

Ways to Use Cannabis Without Smoking

Every cannabis user knows that, other than the flower that you choose, the way that you smoke it is important for the experience that you get.

While the stereotype of inhaling large clouds of pot smoke is going to the wayside, there are many ways that you can take cannabis.

For many cannabis users, especially those for medical reasons, the traditional method of smoking isn’t the best way. Many other methods are much healthier. Cannabis was first used as a food or beverage, and there are numerous tinctures, drinks, and edibles that use this property.


From lollipops to candies, to baked goods, the market for cannabis edibles is growing. While sweets are the first thing that many people think of, the options are pretty much limitless when it comes to cannabis edibles.

Some people swear on putting the leaves in the smoothies and making green drinks. Other make cannabis-infused pesto or barbeque. There is a method of making cannabis-infused oil that can be used to cook everything from pancakes to macaroni and cheese. 

Most often, edibles are made with an infused ingredient, such as butter or oil. Everyone metabolizes edibles at their own rate.

Edibles take longer to feel the effects of. It catches up to you because of the method of digestion. Because of this, it could potentially be more psychoactive than smoking a bowl.

When you’re using cannabis edibles, start slow and take small amounts. After a couple of hours, you can try to increase the dose if you feel like you could handle more.

Cooking with cannabis is a skill. If the temperatures are too high, then the active ingredient can burn off. There are over the counter cannabis products available that have scientifically measured doses, and this might be your ticket to starting with edibles.

Cannabis Drinks

Over the counter, you may have seen cannabis-infused drinks or beverages with CBD. Others are making their own cannabis drinks.

One of the methods growing in popularity is juicing. It requires no heat and doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

In its raw form, cannabis contains THCA, which is a cannabinoid. When it is heated, it turns into THC. Fresh cannabis is the best to use when you are juicing. Dried buds don’t have the same effect.

Other beverages, such as tea, cider, beers, and wine, are being infused with THC or CBD. Technology has developed, so the drinks don’t need to be shaken.


Many cannabis users choose to ingest or vaporize oils. They are known to be efficient. It takes less product to get an effect, and it often will last for long periods of time. Oils are the extract of the plant. 

Tinctures are also popular ways to ingest cannabis without applying heat. Other people will topically apply the cannabis oils to get the desired effect.

Whether you’re trying something new, wanting to be discrete, or don’t want to cough, there are many reasons to partake in cannabis without smoking. This list has three of the most common methods of using cannabis, and there are quite a few more

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